About FCMG

A Little History on FCMG

Full Coverage Media Group was formed by Stéfan "Stay" Fulton in 2018 after operating under the moniker Stay Heavy Studios for 7 years across Canada and the Eastern United States. Over that time he's worked hundreds of video and photo media production gigs, managed the marketing and websites of several successful businesses, and gained the experience and skills necessary to provide a full-spectrum approach to the media production process.

The idea behind FCMG was simple - to create a crew of freelance professionals able to tackle any production. Since moving back to the United States, Stéfan quickly created a network with professionals from King Studios, PBS39, and other professionals he's worked with on gigs all over the Lehigh Valley. With access to the local Film/TV industry, it became apparent that creating a highly-mobile team of producers would actually be possible.

Now, FCMG works across the East Coast, producing content for individuals, professionals, businesses, and media productions of all sizes. We have equipment ranging from DSLR rigs and setups to full Cinema rigs, tripods, gimbals, a wide array of lights and fixtures, audio production equipment and software, and a fully outfitted backup and archive structure for media storage and safety.


Stéfan Fulton - B.Sc. Digital Cinematography

Stefan Fulton, B.Sc. Digital Cinematography - Owner/Operator Full Coverage Media Group

Stéfan began studying photography young, eventually moving to Canada to pursue a career as a freelance photographer. After going to Algonquin College and Ryerson University for certifications in photography, he began to pursue a degree in Digital Cinematography at Full Sail University. After graduating in late 2018, he brought together the pieces of a few small ventures and his freelance work (done under the moniker Stay Heavy Studios and Golden Pear Wedding Media) to create Full Coverage Media Group, a full-service mobile media production company. Now he produces media for clients such as PBS, Day Vision Marketing, King Studios, and a number of artists and businesses on a regular basis.


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